We are one of the
world’s leading
manufacturers of
quartz glass products


Cutting-edge craftsmanship

We attach great importance to our manu­facturing technology, which we need for the manufacture of quartz glass products and components. It is always state-of-the-art.


High-tech made from quartz glass

We manufacture for the world’s leading semi­conductor companies and equipment manufacturers, among others for applications in the chemical and pharma­ceutical industries as well as for medical, aeronautic, and aerospace engineering.

Industry solutions

In the best of hands

Quartz glass is a very cost-intensive material. To reduce users operating costs, we check whether the replacement of a quartz glass product with a new one can be avoided. We measure your products repair and clean them professionally to use it again.


Quality in all areas

In addition to first article inspections in series production, our quality manage­ment of course also includes the checking and docu­mentation of production processes and the measurement of quartz glass products with our 3D measuring machines.

ISO 14001ISO 9001:2000


The extensive SemiQuarz network of co­operating partners also makes connected services from a single source possible.


Quality in all areas is our key to success.

Tailor-made production

Do you need a product made of quartz glass that is out of the ordinary? We manu­facture your quartz glass product custom for you, as a single part or in series.


Personable and knowledgeable.
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