Future-oriented action

As a medium-sized enterprise, we have an important social responsibility for people and the environment. We live up to this by integrating sustainability and social issues consistently and ambitiously into our daily activities.

We assume responsibility for the environment

Energy and environmental management:

In light of our responsibility, we consider it our duty to minimize any negative environmental impact our business may have and to continuously reduce our CO2 footprint. To this end, our environmental management is also ISO 14001 certified. Further more we are member of the climate-friendly SME initiative.


Use of renewable energies:

As an energy-intensive company, we rely heavily on the use of renewable energies. These include photovoltaic systems on the roofs of our production buildings, which allow us to meet around 20% of our electricity needs ourselves and thereby significantly reduce CO2 emissions for power generation.

The use of heat pumps allows us to produce sustainable, environmentally friendly heating, cooling, and hot water. Heat energy needed beyond that is drawn from district heating.

Intelligently controlled ventilation systems with heat recovery also ensure that heat is used efficiently and is not lost as waste heat.


Conservation of resources:

We try to optimize the use of resources in each of our production steps. That even starts with the lighting. Thanks to the conversion to LED technology, workplaces are now optimally-lit and with reduced energy requirements at that. Of course, the use of efficient machinery and equipment is also part of it. State-of-the-art tempering furnaces enable us to efficiently design the necessary production steps.


Emission protection:

With our own wastewater aftertreatment, pollutants are retained before our wastewater is discharged into the sewage system and fed to the municipal sewage treatment plant. By concentrating the pollutants, this also reduces the amount of waste to be disposed of by 90%. In addition, we avoid additional emissions with our exhaust air purification systems and at the same time ensure a high level of occupational safety.

We assume social responsibility

Support of social institutions:

Promoting social commitment and volunteering are matters that are close to our hearts. That’s why we enjoy working with the Geesthacht sheltered workshop and being able to support organizations such as Kleine Patienten in Not e.V. with their teddy bear, the Allershausen volunteer fire department, the Allershausen youth center, the DLRG [German Life Saving Association], the Einhorn e.V. animal rights organization, as well as the Ev.-Luth. Diakonissen-Mutterhaus Rotenburg (Wümme) e.V.


Cooperation with the German employment agency:

Medium-sized enterprises are major employers. That is why our close cooperation with the employment agency is important to us. We are happy to contribute to the integration and reintegration of workers into the labor market. Because with us, everyone who meets the professional requirements has a chance: no matter whether it comes to resuming their professional life or to changing course.


We are a training company:

Offering apprenticeships not only gives us a significant advantage as a company, it also makes an important contribution to society. We offer young people the opportunity to help shape the future.


The extensive SemiQuarz network of co­operating partners also makes connected services from a single source possible.


Quality in all areas is our key to success.

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